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Analysis: Racial housing covenants in Dayton

The legacy of racial housing covenants can be seen and felt all over the country, including right here in Dayton. Since reading Richard Rothstein’s “Color of Law,” I’ve been fascinated by the history of these covenants. In post-Reconstruction America, it was legal, and popular, to include language forbidding homeowners from selling the property to racial...

I make enough money, why do I need a pre-approval?

Many homebuyers are surprised to find out that getting pre-approved takes into account more than their income. Unless you’re paying cash for your home, financing requires you to prove that you make enough income and are financially responsible. Below are a few steps to make sure you’re prepared. Be realistic when house-hunting One of the...

How to choose a Realtor®

Since the average person knows 12 real estate agents and more people are licensed daily, it’s easy to wonder, How do I make an informed decision when choosing my realtor? Of course picking up the phone and calling me would be easy, but you could also call your previous agent or a trusted licensed friend....

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